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Author of the week Interview ~ Hilary Storm ~ Rebel Walking Series

Hi Hilary, first of all Congratulations on your Books In a Heartbeat and recently published Heaven Sent.
Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your books?

Hilary Storm Thank you! I'm the author of the Rebel Walking Series. The first novel 'In a Heartbeat' features the drummer, Talon. He has an instant connection with Eaven. Talon has a past that has darkened him. Eaven brings life back into Talon and it is great to see the chemistry between them. The second book 'Heaven Sent' features Talon's bad boy twin, Taron and Eaven's best friend, Ivy. Taron is the lead singer in Rebel Walking. These two are smoking hot and so far everyone who reads book 1, must have book 2!
 A little about myself.... I'm a mother of three and I was lucky enough to fall in love with my high school sweetheart. He is the reason I am able to write love stories with men who love with everything they have. I'm an extremely busy person and very self motivated to get the job done. My motto is 'Make It Happen' and that's what I constantly do. I have a fulltime job as an accountant. Don't judge me! Not all accountants are stiff nerds! I hope to one day focus entirely on my novels!

Claire Lamb What inspired you to start writing?

Hilary Storm My daughter did. She is a very unique person. She loves to express herself through art and writing. She was playing around with a story and showed it to some friends. One of them said that it was terrible and that she could never be an author. My twelve year old little girl is very sensitive. I told her not to let ANYONE tell her she can't do something. Then I asked her who would be the last person on Earth that she would expect to write a novel. She said, me of course. I was so career focused that anyone who knew me personally, thought I had lost my mind when I told them I was writing. I didn't have time for that and it confused everyone. Sooooooo I sat down and started writing, just to prove to my little girl that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. You know Woman power and all that!!  She is now extremely proud of her best selling mom!

Claire Lamb Who is your favourite author?

Hilary Storm I always have the hardest time with this one! I love to read books that stick with me. The kind that burn into my memory and make me feel every emotion the characters do. CJ Roberts did that for me with her Captive in the Dark Series. I freaking loved that book. I hated that I loved Caleb, but I did. I rooted for a kidnapper to win over the girl! That messed with my head and my heart big time. I have soooo many authors that I love to follow though. I have a list of authors that make my calendar. When their books are released I rush to Amazon to ONE CLICK that bitch right away!

Claire Lamb Why did you choose to write this type of book?

Hilary Storm I felt comfortable writing this genre. It's the most exciting time in most people's lives. Falling in love, trying to figure out who you are, and growing into the woman/man you are meant to be. It's a fun time!

Claire Lamb What Book are you reading at the moment?

Hilary Storm Fixed on You by Laurelin Page, but I have must reads lined up! I've been in my cave for so long and I've missed out on some outstanding new releases! Mirage by Ashley Suzanne is next up on my Kindle.

Claire Lamb Outside of writing what do you do to relax?

 Hilary Storm I am a mom of three! We don't relax! But I love every minute of being the mom that chases them to softball, football, soccer, scouts, orchestra, etc. They are my life! Outside of them, I enjoy catching up with friends and family.  I guess a relax for me would be my reading time!

Claire Lamb Where did the idea for this series come from?

Hilary Storm I have a best friend that I've had for 26 years. Yes... we were a couple of days old when we met! (That's my story and I'm sticking to the age thing!) We were inseparable in junior high and some of high school. Then when it came time to go away to college, life lead her down a different path. We had always dreamed of going off to college together. This was as if the two of us had been able to do that! Ivy and Eaven have our personalities. My husband was a drummer and that's just freaking hot, so I made up the band story line as well! That deep down connection that burns straight into your core.... Yea that was us! My best friend and I met just like Ivy and Eaven did! She bullied me in the hall and I stood up to her ass! Best friends in an instant! Thank God, because she scared me!

Claire Lamb Describe your books in three words?

Hilary Storm Hot, Funny, Surprising

Claire Lamb Did you have any muses for your characters?

Hilary Storm Yes. Ivy is a cross between me now and my best friend in high school. Mouthy like me and sassy like her! Eaven is pretty much based off of how I was in my life in college. Unsure of herself, but strong deep down. Talon is based off of my man!!! Taron's personality in book 1 is a spitting image of a good friend of mine. He is a great guy to be around in the party scene! But a huge pain in the ass if you're the one taking care of him! He has since grown up and settled down, thank goodness! I am channeling Jacob Wilson as Luke in book 3. He is the model/muse that will be attending all of my signings with me. He is HOTTTTT!!!! So it will be complete torture to work with him! His personality is naughty! So who knows where book 3 will go!

Claire Lamb invite me please lmao

Hilary Storm You're invited to all of my signings!

Claire Lamb aw Thank you 

Claire Lamb In your books can you relate to any of the circumstances the characters go through, are there any of your own experiences or total fiction?

Hilary Storm Like I said the scene where Eaven meets Ivy is a real event from my life. Hmmmm..... You want the dirty scenes. Is the real question - Have I ever had my ass used as a set of drums? Lol! I'll NEVER tell!

Claire Lamb haha aw no you got to spill the beans lol, uch sometimes secrets got to stay secret 

Claire Lamb Do we get to see more of Talon and Eaven in future books in the series?

Hilary Storm Yes! Are you asking for their POV or just as characters in the books?

Claire Lamb well I now they are getting marriedso is there another story for them?

Hilary Storm Possibly. I'm considering it! It may be a novella or add in to another novel. But I'm definitely tossing the idea around!

Claire Lamb That’s fab news.

Hilary Storm That is exclusive info btw that I've never shared with anyone!

Claire Lamb  we love exclusive so remember people you heard it here 1st lol.

Claire Lamb How many books will be in the series or are you waiting to see where it takes you?

Hilary Storm It looks like 5 for sure, possibly more. I have a plan in book 4 to bring in some hot ass alpha males to spotlight!

Claire Lamb Are the names of characters in your novel important to you?

Hilary Storm Eaven is. The rest were just cool names.

Claire Lamb If you had 24 hours with both twins Talon and Taron what would you do lol?

Hilary Storm Talon hands down, for 24 hours, the whole time!

Claire Lamb haha I know what I would do lmao, and it don't involve talking either haha.

Hilary Storm Claire.... If you were given 24 hours with both twins Talon and Taron what would you do????

Claire Lamb oh no you can't turn this on me pmsl, but I will answer something to suggest that a queen bed may be involved! and it won't be very vanilla either! well you did throw hot twins at me.

Hilary Storm They are hot! And I don't blame you! But Talon is my guy!!!

Claire Lamb I don't mind sharing lol !

Claire Lamb okay so some of the characters stories are dark is that things you wanted to highlight for a reason? 

Hilary Storm These things unfortunately happen in real life. People go through tragedies that build them into better people if it doesn't tear them into shreds first. Some of it of course is exaggerated to hook the reader and keep them from being able to put my book down. My goal is to make each of my readers pull an ALL nighter. It may be from the sex scenes that turn into something awesome in their own bed, or it may be the suspense of the deep scene that they have to know how it ends and can't put my books down.

Claire Lamb I totally agree and yes it's the real world where these things happen every day and you definately reached that achievement with the books because I could not put them down at all until the end!

Claire Lamb Does your family support you with your writing?

Hilary Storm My husband and kids support me 100%! My extended family doesn't all take it seriously yet. They don't realize what I have accomplished. They will with time, or not!

Claire Lamb If you could pick another author to co-write with who would it be and why?

Hilary Storm Oh...... This is a good one! I honestly don't know if I could do this. I'm critical of my own work. It would have to be someone who doesn't care what the world thinks! Who writes strictly for pleasure of the story being told and not the money. I'm going back to CJ again. She mind fucked me so bad, and I want to do that to others!!!

Claire Lamb you know your not the first author to say that the majority I have interviewed prefer to write solo and protect their own ideas its not a bad thing at all 

Claire Lamb If you wrote a book about your life....what name would you call yourself and what 3 words would you use to describe your personality?

Hilary Storm Honest, Loyal, Driven My name would be Amy.

Claire Lamb Ok easy one top five book boyfriends?

 Hilary Storm That's NOT easy..... I'm a book whore!!! Talon, Caleb, Gideon, Jake, Kellan.

Claire Lamb Which book - by another author - are you looking forward to the most?

Hilary Storm I'd say Awakening by Ashley Suzanne. I know she left us on a huge cliffie and I've been told that once I read Mirage that I will want to scream at her. I love and hate cliff hangers. I love them when the next book is ready for me to grab. So I'm looking forward to her next novel that will settle us all down!

Claire Lamb When can we expect the next book in the Rebel walking series and do you have a title for it yet?

Hilary Storm No title yet. I'm looking at Jan or Feb.

Claire Lamb can't wait!

Claire Lamb okay to finish up it's quickfire round

Hilary Storm Ok! Fire away!

 Favourite Colour?
Favourite Food?
Night or Day?
Favourite movie?
Favourite actor?
Favourite Drink?
Tidy or Untidy?

It will be 50 shades of Grey
Rum & Coke
 I like it Tidy, but with three kids its ALWAYS untidy

Hilary Storm I like hot actors... Matthew, Channing, Taylor Kitsch

Claire Lamb lmao these kinda men keep me sane by just dreaming about them lol

Claire Lamb Hilary it was such a pleasure to have you and thank you for taking time out for us today, I can't wait for the next book in the series make sure santa works hard to help you lmao xx

Claire Lamb Is there anything you want to say to your fans before you go?

Hilary Storm You're very welcome! I appreciate everyone of my fans. They make all of the sacrifices worth every minute! Feel free to drop me a line on fb once you've read my books! I love to hear from everyone. Always post reviews on Amazon for all of the books you love! Authors need those reviews!! I can be seen at 6-7 signings within the next year, so keep your eyes out for me and my model Jake! Check out my website for details! Thanks for taking time out of your day to interview me and for being a part of my blog tour! I look forward to reading your review! ~ Hil

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