Thursday, 5 December 2013

Spotlight ~ S.H. Pratt



I am a wife and a mother.  I have three highly gifted children who challenge and inspire me… mostly challenge these days.  I’m a Pacific Northwest transplant from Montana and the youngest of seven kids.  I am an avid reader, quilter and movie lover.  I started writing in high school but decided I needed a “real” job and shelved it until early 2012 when I started writing as a bit of a lark.  I am self-published as of July 2013 and my second book will be released in the fall of 2013.
   Five facts about me you don’t know

1 ~ I love to read YA- Fantasy books my favorite authors being J.K. Rowling; Brandon Mull and Rick Riordan.
2 ~ When I quilt, I prefer to design my own patterns rather than follow one.
3 ~ Of all of my siblings (there are 7 of us) I have the most children, piercings and tattoos.
4 ~ One of my favourite movies of all time is an obscure western called My Name is Nobody with Henry Fonda
5 ~ I worked for a company that built fire trucks.
     Interests and hobbies

I love movies, especially musicals, I am a complete music junkie and love to read; I sew and hand-quilt and play with my kids.

My first published book is Always My Love; the next one to be released this fall is The Gentleman’s Lady.  I am going to aim for early next year to publish Into the Heart of Desire.

If I could write with anyone it would be-

Alice Clayton or Jamie McGuire because I absolutely love what they write and how they write… although I doubt we’d get much written at the start because I’d totally be fangirl nuts. LOL

Always, My Love

Author, Liviann Walsh, was odd… she admitted it freely and openly.  She considered herself a hobbit among giants who was odd… she worked odd hours; had an odd job; and enjoyed odd hobbies.  When her life in Northern California turns sour, Livi, unable to turn to her parents as their relationship is rancorous and strained, moves to Olympia, Washington.  There, she turns to the only constant source of comfort and home she’s ever known – her cousin and best friend, Ryan.
Tristan McDermott, drama professor and rock hound, thrilled with a geode found while hiking, stops by his friend, Ryan’s, house to show it off.  As soon as his eyes land on Ryan’s diminutive cousin, he is lost.  She is reticent and wary; beautiful and interesting and it is all Tristan can do to convince Livi to date him… to let him into her life.
Enlisting Ryan’s help in his endeavor, Tristan begins to infiltrate Livi’s defenses and heart.  Drawn inexplicably to Tristan, Livi finds herself daring to open up and hope for a new source of comfort – an addition to her idea of home.  When asked to sell the rights to one of her books, Livi bravely asks Tristan to write the screenplay – he agrees, realizing she is offering her trust as well.
But when a stalker threatens to destroy their fragile home and burgeoning love, Tristan and Livi become aware of the shift in their situation both publicly and personally.  Faced with this reality, can Livi confront her long ingrained fears and her parents and is Tristan’s love strong enough to protect them both?

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