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Hidden secrets - Angee Taylor blog tour


Bio (third person)

Angee was born in Houston, Texas in 1977, to an interesting family. Her mother and father separated when she was young. She lived with her mother who later remarried a wonderful man, who had a huge impact on her as she grew up. Angee has always had a love of reading, mostly paranormal. As a child, she would sneak up at late night when her mom thought she was sleeping, to read. They moved around a lot, eventually settling in Deep East Texas. Angee married at a young age and eventually divorced. She has raised her now 15 year old son alone. Angee works full time as a pre-hospital nurse and sometimes sees things that would make the rest of us have nightmares. On other days, she is blessed to see miracles. These things are what drive her to write.

Angee describes her job as- “I fight to save people’s lives. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. It's the emotional roller coaster of that job, which leads me to writing. I'm able to put those emotions into my characters and let them out of my heart and soul.”

In 2006, she was diagnosed with a rare disease, shortly after that she was told she would be on full disability in five years and most likely to be dead in ten. She’s fought to live a normal life every day since and is beating those odds. She works at a demanding job, is a single mom, cares for an elderly mother, and a hyperactive dog. Her life has inspired her paranormal novel Hidden Secret. Sit back and enjoy.


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3. Blurb for book

Rose has been struggling for years to find out about the mysterious illness that’s killing her. She’s decided to end her life after one last trip to the French Quarter…Her plans go awry when the sexy Caleb Glasson, who carries a dark secret, saunters into her life. She discovers that she’s not what she appears to be, to rest of the world. The only man that can unlock that secret is dead at Caleb’s hand. The most startling epiphany is that she has latent powers that will emerge in a haunting thrilling story that will answer all of her questions.

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5. Excerpts (atleast 3)

a.   Five years of pain and suffering and it had been something so easy to fix but so unbelievable. She would have never thought of it. If not for this trip to New Orleans, and what she thought was a gimmick of a psychic voodoo queen. The pain had just become unbearable; she was tired of crying behind closed doors where no one saw how much pain she was genuinely feeling. True, her family and friends knew she was in pain, just not how much. Rose had learned to live in constant pain she had no choice in the matter. It was her constant companion, yet she had learned to hide it even from those closest to her. She was exhausted physically and mentally. Rose had decided to finish off her bucket list. Afterwards she would kill herself. This trip to New Orleans was the next to the last thing on that list.

b.  Sean stood there looking at her, and he looked at the four very large men in his living room. It was then he realized they were all dressed in black, and were all standing. Although it looked like they were relaxed, they were in fact blocking every view into his home. He turned his head to Rose, “What have you gotten into? Do I even want to know? Before you answer, forget I asked. I won’t shoot into the woods unless I feel we are threatened. Will you at least let us know when they leave and by the way. I don’t believe you are telling me the truth but I’m going to believe it’s for my own good. Is there anything else we need to know?” Rose, started to walk towards him but was cut off by Caleb.

c.   What a sight she thought they were in violation of every vampire lore out there. They were awake during the day, driving a convertible with the roof down, enjoying the sunshine through their dark glasses, of course. The wind made conversation hard and she was grateful. She didn’t know what to say and didn’t know if she could stand to hear what he had to say. The car ride would only last so long. She had to pull herself together. By the time, they arrived at the airport she had reined her emotions in and was ready for anything he could throw at her. Thanks to private airports and no security, she had been able to keep her knives.


6. Who would play your characters if your book became a movie, please provide pictures.


Rose- Stana Katic-

Caleb- Liam Hemsworth

Conner-Marc Blucas

Clayton- Luke Hemsworth

Collin- Eric Christian Olsen- Eric Christian Olsen

Cori-Hayden Panettiere-

Marcus- Jackson Ackles-

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