Friday, 8 November 2013

Author Spotlight ~ J.L. Weil

·  Biography

I am the author of New Adult & Young Adult Paranormal Romances novels including the Amazon Best Sellers Luminescence Trilogy and Divisa series.
Most of my books are for ages 16+. They usually have what I consider the good stuff - sexual content (oh yeah) and swearing. You have been warned ;)
I reside in the Windy City with my husband and our two awesome boys. I am a book lover of epic proportions and usually favor romances, fantasies, and happily ever after’s. I have a serious addiction to Love Pink clothes and raspberry mochas from Starbucks. (yum!)
To seal my geekdom, I am a gamergirl. Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, Call of Duty, my current game obsessions. My boys think I'm a newb. And I am a total camper and proud of it.
I hope you enjoy my world!!

·  Five facts about me you don’t know
1. I am obsessed with tattoos and piercings. They can be found in almost all my stories.
2.  Jensen Ackles is my celebrity crush. *sigh*
3. I love Celtic, magical, mystical things – like faeries and faerie dust.
4. Green Bay Packers are my favorite team!
5. I’m shy and suck at chitchat.

·  Interests and hobbies
I enjoy most spending time with my family. My boys are so much fun. I also like writing of course, reading, and shopping (I’m a total girly-girl)

·  Books
Saving Angel
Losing Emma
Hunting Angel
Breaking Emma
Chasing Angel (2014)
Luminescence (re-release Nov. 15)
Amethyst Tears (re-release Dec. 20)
Moondust (2014)

·  If I could write with anyone it would be- (because)
Nora Roberts - I think her writing is utterly captivating, especially her older stuff. I love the Celtic elements in her books. My favorite ones are the ones involving witches. The romance she is able to bring to the pages swoons my romantic heart. Her writing is magic to me. I might add that I own every book she has written, which takes up quite a lot of space ;)

I am currently working on book 3 in my Divisa series titled Chasing Angel. My Luminescence series is being re-released this year by Nevermore Press.

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