Saturday, 23 November 2013

Book Review ~ Alluring Turmoil ~ Skye Turner


Alexia Sloane is the twenty-six year old owner of the highly successful Louisiana coffee shop/bakery, Java and Sweeties. The past couple of years have been all she’s dreamed of and her business takes all of her focus, all of her heart. 
Jude Delecroix is the lead singer of one of the most famous rock bands in the country, Bayou Stix, and the man who broke Lexi’s heart. 
Lexi and Jude have a past. 
When Jude comes back to town eight years after leaving to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a famous musician and comes face to face with Lexi, forces collide, old hurts are brought to the surface, and life as these two have been living it will never be the same. 
There are two sides to every story, and what happens when the things you believed to be concrete suddenly crumble like ash and fade away? 
What happens when two people afraid to face the past, become involved in the present? Can they hope for a future?
Welcome to Louisiana where humidity and passion are high and things are not always what they seem. 
***Contains graphic sex and language. Not for young readers.**


Alluring Turmoil is book one in the Bayou Stix series by Skye Turner. I was sucked into this one immediately! This book is not about a chance encounter, strangers meeting and falling in love, these characters have a history and they are rekindling an old love not starting a new one and I love that Skye Turner has written Jude and Lexi's story this way. I love how throughout the book the author cuts back to when they were younger, I feel like it gives you more insight into who they used to be and what drove them as teenagers. 
Jude Delacroix, lead singer of the band Bayou Stix and the main man in this book of the series ... well fuck me! is about the only thing I can say about him.. he's H.O.T!! and a sex god to boot, he's a rockstar that rides a motorcycle .. swoon! and to top it off he's a tortured soul that has only ever loved one person and that is Lexi (Alexia) Sloane; she's a small business owner with her best friend Erik who is like her bodyguard and happens to be her gay best friend. Lexi and Jude's history was supposed to stay that way and then he just had to walk into her store and reignite that flame that she thought, hoped, wished and prayed was long gone. Eight years is more than enough to get over someone ... right? ... Wrong... this sets in motion the events that lead to Jude and Lexi's love/hate .. love relationship (you'll get that when you read it). Add into the mix Lexi's other best friend Bradi and you have a combination of laughing until you cry moments and cringing moments, that girl has no brain to mouth filter and I loved it, it made her character seem more real, and everyone needs a Bradi in their lives, she's hilarious. The characters in this book drew me in from the word go, their personalities felt very real and I know they're supposed to but some books have characters that feel written, these didn't so well done Skye Turner you made me want these people to be my real friends. I loved them! 
The sex scenes in this book are great, you'll need a cold shower and a change of panties for this one! They are very descriptive and steamy to boot.. I love them. 
I can't wait for book two where we get Jessie and Blue's story!  5 Stars! 

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