Saturday, 23 November 2013

Review ~ Catching Caroline ~ Sylvia Day


Jack Shaw's reputation as a wicked libertine is well deserved. He lives for the moment, indulging in temporary pleasures. Until Lady Caroline Seton sets her eyes on him and the heat of her gaze lures him in. Now he wants more than one stolen kiss, he wants forever. But Caroline hides a dangerous secret, one that could cost him his life. Will his love be enough to save them both...


Catching Caroline was a short historical, paranormal romance Sylvia Day wrote before she was ever published. She states in an author's note at the beginning of the book that its 'not up to the same standard as my present day writing.' she goes on to say that she did consider editing it but realised she couldn't, that it would have to be completely re-written and that the story is written differently to how she would write today but that she's okay with that.  

This book is set in the 1800's and I loved it, the writing is sensual and the characters feelings and emotions are on a primal level. I would have loved it more if it was longer and we got to read more about Jack and Caroline and their journey together but nevertheless it was still a brilliant short read, its was a perfectly well written steamy, passionate short story.  4 Stars!

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