Saturday, 23 November 2013

Book Review ~ Something's Come Up ~ Michelle Pace & Andrea Randall


*Something's Come Up contains strong language and sexual content. It's intended for mature, 18+ audiences only*

“Feeling dangerous tonight?”

“I’m with you, aren’t I?”

Feeling humiliated after her movie star ex's public betrayal, Stephanie escapes on a spontaneous road trip. She detours for a sexual rendezvous down memory lane with her former frenemy with benefits, attorney Pace Turner.

When Pace gets an unexpected phone call from the one woman he’s never forgotten, his libido slams into overdrive. Steph is the only one who knows everything about the self-obsessed young millionaire, inside the bedroom and out, and his buried desires bubble to the surface. 

Over a sex-fueled 24 hours, megalomaniac Pace and sociopath Steph relive their doomed “romance.” Will they rediscover their complicated and gritty connection, or merely pour salt into poorly healed wounds?

Andrea Randall (author of The November Blue series) and Michelle Pace (author of The Sound Wave series) unite their universes in “Something’s Come Up.”



This didn’t really work well for me.  It was an ok story, but seemed a bit disjointed.
After a very public break up from her actor boyfriend, Stephanie ends up back with her old “Friend with Benefits” Pace Turner.
The relationship between Stephanie Brier & Carrington “Pace” Turner was purely sexual. It had nothing else going for it, apart from the “shock” element I suppose.
There were a few laughs & some sweet moments, but other than the explosive sex, it just didn’t really come together. You didn’t really get to know the characters well enough to form much of an opinion of them from this book, and as I hadn’t read any of the other books, I just found them confusing.
If you know the series, you will enjoy this book.

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