Thursday, 14 November 2013

Book Review ~ The Time Until ~ Casey Ford


Alan Green and Samantha Cohn have known each other for as long as both can remember. They have a special relationship that has grown far beyond mere friendship.

Inseparable, Al and Sam have spent their lives with one another—from childhood secrets, through awkward teenage years, to finding themselves as adults—it’s always been the two of them together.

When unexpected tragedy hits, and Sam is left fighting for her life, Alan can only watch and wait. Left alone without his best friend, Alan spends his time reliving his past, ensnared in the memories of the chaotic relationship with the girl that stole his heart.

How would you spend the time until?


Alan Green and Samantha Cohn meet on their first day at Kindergarten, and at 5 years old Al is distraught at being left by his Mum.  It was Sam that took him by the hand and said “don’t cry she’s coming back, your mine I’ll look after you”.  And from that moment on they were inseparable, they formed a friendship that grew to be something much more.
They shared all the normal things that come with being teenagers and moving into their Adult years, their secrets, plans for the future, Al had his Soccer and  Sam her running.  They had their ups and downs like all teenagers but whatever it was, it was always together. 
When a tragic turn of events leaves Sam fighting for her life,  Alan can only sit waiting and praying that she pulls through whilst remembering their lives together. 
After the first chapter I begun to struggle with this for a while, but once I got used to the fact it was going to jump back and forth through their lives I really enjoyed it.  I felt for Alan sitting at Sam’s bedside not knowing if his whole life was going to end with the death of the woman he loved, or if she would pull through and they could fulfil all their dreams and plans.  It’s a  very emotional story and one where you feel for the characters and what they are going through.
I would recommend this book.  I give it 4 Stars.  

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